Southampton is a lake town with a storied history. But it isn't just about water and boats, it connects the rolling farms and the inland villages with the water of Lake Huron. Long an established fishing town it also boasts a thriving main street, a long sweep of sun soaked beach, and a sizable river. Scenic highway 21 leads into town from the north-east and from the south, connecting Southampton to the rest of cottage country in every direction.

The town's gallery and library share the duty of bringing information and culture to the community, hosting shows and events for everyone. Many of the homes are steeped in history. Everything from large rambling brick mansions to quaint cottages can be found in Southampton on the streets and along the shore, and every one of them adds to the mellow and pleasant character of this town.

Southampton is one of the towns well situated for people working at the soon to be expanding Bruce Nuclear power generation plant. A thriving place with shopping, dining, beachfront and more, all the necessities of life in town, in the country.