Dan and Laura Cross

Laura and Dan’s father daughter relationship started with support and love right from the get-go…plus a whole lot of stubbornness on both accounts. Laura as a kid always idolized her father as some sort of super hero (she still does). She grew up always wanting to do sports like her dad and be successful like him. Though Dan’s work schedule often kept him on the road a lot and Laura always anxiously awaiting him to come home at the front door peering through the window with stuff animal in hand that her dad brought her home from his last trip. Everything made a positive shift when Laura started riding, and with the purchase of Laura’s first horse FV Thunder Rolls. All of a sudden they had something they both loved and enjoyed and Dan would drive Laura up to three-four hours one way just to see her horse or take a weekend to go to a horse show. All those hours together and the occasional bickering really brought them extremely close together and an ability to work with one another developed. Laura continued to show at higher levels always with her dad in her corner attempting to be encouraging (though often stressing her out). Laura continued with the horses down to Michigan and completed University down there, but all the while still keeping strong bonds with her dad and still competing.

Another thing that came from their mutual love of horses is Dan and his daughter are no strangers to working together. Even though the Real Estate partnership is still relatively new, they have worked together in the Arabian Horse world for years. They put on many horse shows together that required hours of hard work and preparation. At home they have had their personal horses and have kept broodmares and have produced some lovely foals over the years.

When Dan attempted to retire Laura saw along with the rest of his family that he wasn’t ready to sit on the sidelines of anything! After running successful insurance businesses Dan had develop the most amazing repro with people, and with his honesty and hard work he is always a man you want to be around. Laura saw her dad dive into Real Estate in his normal Super Hero fashion and as always was amazed and proud of how he took to his new career.

Laura after coming home from Michigan ran a large equestrian facility with lots of support from her family. Dan was out there countless hours helping build fences and stalls. After ten years Laura was looking for a change and a bit of a less busy farm (at one point she was caring for near 50 horses). She had seen how her father enjoyed Real Estate and jumped at the opportunity to work professionally with her father.

They have worked very hard and continue to do so. They both are extremely passionate about the work they do and relationships they have formed. They look forward to working together for years to come assisting clients with all their Real Estate dreams and aspirations. 

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